Time Machine

Our time machine had broken down. Can you help us fix it?

huge game encompassing many time periods

Rich variety of different puzzles

Suitible for families with kids

Have so much fun you’ll loose the track of time

The Story of Time Machine

We have a problem.

Time has spilled in our basement, and is overflowing from room to room.

A mad scientist left his time machine in the cubicle of apartment 6, and during the floods of 2002, the machine was flooded. And since it's a time machine, the effects logically only started to manifest itself last Thursday.

Somewhere in our basement, there's supposed to be a component needed to drain the excess water from the engine. But who's supposed to find for it when there's a different time in each and every room?

Please help us. We're trying to run an escape room here and this is just making it impossible. 

Legend of the Game

  • Adventurous
  • The game duration max. of 90 min.
  • Number of playes: 2-6 
  • Difficulty: medium střední
  • multi-level  
  • Suitable even for families with children


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