Ponorka K5

Enter the last fully functioning soviet nuclear submarine and stop its terryfying final mission.

Find yourself on the bridge of a nucelar submarine

Immersive hi-tech surroundings 

Small space = ideal date

Help stop a world war

Příběh hry Ponorka K5

Cabin fever, or as the Czechs call it, the submarine sickness just took on a whole new meaning.

For many years, those who knew of the existence of the nuclear submarine K-5 Gottwaldovsky Konsomol, the most dangerous and secret Soviet invention, were convinced that the K-5 had long since graced the bottom of one of the world's oceans.

But the opposite is true!

For it turns out that the K-5 reamains not only unsunk, but fully operational, and armed with nuclear warheads aimed at Western civilian targets.

How come no one noticed?

The Soviet comrades hid it masterfully. Tell me, would you think of looking for a nuclear submarine in the middle of a landlocked country like... the Czech Republic?

And that's exactly where the fanatical members of the Communist Party Central Committee have been secretly keeping it running for years.

Our only hope of averting a nuclear war would be a spy, or a couple of spies, who could infiltrate up to the submarine's bridge, and there avert a missile launch.

Let's hope someone like that can be found.

Legend of the Game

  • The game duration max. of 90 min.
  • Number of playes: 2 -3
  • Difficulty: Moderately difficult
  • HI-teCh implementation


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