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Sophisticated, high-tech, distinctive, sophisticated, simply unique. Such rooms and experiences await you.
Matrix 1- únikové hry - Czech
Submarine disease just took on a whole new meaning. The Cold War and its remnants are found in a place where no one would expect them. Our only hope of averting nuclear war would be a spy, or a pair of spies, who could infiltrate all the way to the bridge of a submarine and avert...
Chernobyl / Černobyl 2- únikové hry - Czech
Comrade **********, I have the honour to inform you that you and your group have been nominally chosen by the Central Committee of the USSR leadership to complete an important task.On April 26, you will conduct a routine stress test of the RBMK 1000 reactor of the Vladimir...
Stroj času 4- únikové hry - Czech
You are in the workshop of the mad scientist Dr. Tempus, and despite the strict prohibition of touching the Time Machine, you turn on the device. However, you never imagined what would happen. After entering a space-time anomaly, your time machine spins out of control...
Matrix 3- únikové hry - Czech
An unfortunate situation. You just wanted to go to a normal escape room. Go with friends. With your family. You just wanted to let off some steam. Reboot your brain a little bit. To experience a fictional challenge to spice up your sometimes too mundane reality. But instead, you...
Are you looking for original games that will immerse you in their storyline and environment? Here you can enjoy high-tech escape games with medium to high difficulty. We are located in Prague, Karlín, where there is good accessibility by all means of transport. Our games have so far recieved excellent feedback and ratings, which makes us very glad.
Matrix 2- únikové hry - Czech
Expirences you won’t forget!
All our escape games are High-Tech. They are literally bursting with atmosphere and thoughtful details that draw you into another world. And who knows... if you can't escape, you might never get out.
You would be hard pressed to find better equipped escape rooms on the Czech market.

Our game master will raise your experience to the maximum

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Also for Kids. Possibiltiy for teambuildings or school events.
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